How to create Free blogger website Step By Step {A to Z} guide

Hello friends, Today we are going to learn  that “How to create free blogger website”. we are giving you full information about creating free blogs during this post. It is not difficult to create Free Blog. You can create free blog through your Google Account on BlogSpot is Google’s free product, you can create up to one hundred blogs. Most people begin their blogging career right here because it is Free Blogging Platform and it is quite easy to manage.
Nowadays many people have started blogging because by blogging  one’s can  make unlimited money. But making money by creating blog is not so easy. You will have to learn a lot and work hard too.
How to create Free blogger website Step By Step {A to Z} guide

Why it is important to create free blog website?

Friends, I am sharing some points here, so you can easily understand why it is important to create a blog.
  • If you want to share your knowledge to the whole world
  • If you want to be popular all over the world from Internet.
  • If you want to earn unlimited money online.
  • If you want to promote your business online.
When you share an article on your website, any one can read it all over the world. Suppose that you have knowledge about computer then you can create your website and share your knowledge. When more visitors visit your website then you can earn money by placing ads. Let’s go friends, let me tell you about ‘How to create free blogger website’.

How to create Free Blog?

Friends, you just have to have a Gmail account to create a blog on blogspot. If you want to earn money by creating a free blog or want to be popular, follow the steps given below. It will take just 5 minutes to create a blog.
Step 1. First of all go to  and login to your Gmail account.
Step 2. Go to site and click on ‘ create your blog‘ option.
Step 3. A new window will open in which you have to fill the details of your blog.

  1. Type the name of your blog here, like our blog name is AK TECHY, just like you would like a good name for your blog
  2. In this you have to set the URL of your blog.
Important Note: A lot of people have created Blog on, so the address you set may not be available so set a unique address.
3. From here you have to choose the template of your blog.
4. Now you can click on create blog.
When you click on create blog, your free blog will be created and after that you can write your first post by clicking on New Post.

Friends, I hope you like this post. If any problem occurs in creating your blog then you ask me in comment box. I try my best to solve your problem.

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