How to insert Facebook Like and Share Buttons in Blogger Website

In this post, you will find that how do Facebook likes button and share buttons come together in all posts in Blogger and what are the benefits of installing them?What are the benefits of putting Facebook Like Button and Share Buttons in Blogger?
After adding Facebook Like Button and Share Button in Blogger, when someone reads your post and liked your posts, he can click on Facebook Like button to pick that post. This will happen when he clicks your Like Facebook button, your post gets added to his Facebook profile.Now all of your friends on Facebook are reaching you, and if they like that post, then they click on it to reach your blog and in this way the traffic of your blog increases and Facebook Share is a button to share your post to Facebook. So these two buttons should be included in your blog, which helps in increasing the traffic of the blog.
How to insert Facebook Like Button and Share Buttons in Blogger?New_Social_Plugin_buttons.0.png

1. To get Facebook Like Button and Share Button in Blogger, first you have to login to your blog.
2. Then open the Facebook Developer website in a new tab. (By clicking on the Facebook Like Button below you can visit the Facebook Developer website)
Facebook Like Button
3. After clicking on the Facebook Like Button, a new page will open in front of you in that page you will get written URL To Like, you have to delete the URL below. (Delete it)
After that, you get the option of Layout, from Layout you can change your Facebook Like Button and Share Button Size.
4. After that you get an option under the name Get Code, you have to click on it.
5. As soon as you click Get Code, you will see two types of code in the new window. Now you have to copy the code with the first number.
6. After copying the code, you have come to your blog. Now first click on the Template in the blog and then click on Edit HTML.
7. Now after one click inside the HTML and press ctrl+F from your keyboard, after that you will see a search box inside it you have to type <data:post.body/> and search it . This is the tag (<data:post.body/>). You will find it twice within your HTML, then the ones that have to leave them first and that is the second tag, you have to paste that code below. (Facebook Like Button and First Code of Share Button).
8. To paste the first code, you copy the second code and paste your second code inside the HTML where you pasted the first code and save the template.
After saving the template, Facebook’s Like button and share button will be displayed at the bottom of every post. Now if someone likes your post, then easily post and share your post on Facebook.

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