How To Download Copyright Free Images from Google Image

How To Download Copyright Free Images from Google Image
How To Download Copyright Free Images from Google Image

Hello Friends, We all know that images are very important to our website because through Images we can make our article more Attractive, Informative and attach Keywords to it. Therefore, we should use the images in our article, but if we use copyrighted images in our article, then the owner of the website whose image we use will be give us copyright claim due to which our website may be closed or our Adsense Account disable.
So you should only upload copyright free images to your website. There are many such websites on the Internet that provide you the facility to download Copyright Free Images but those websites have very limited images for any topic.
Google Image is the best option for downloading images because here you get images available on all topics / keywords so you can easily find many images on Google Image.

Download Copyright Free Images

To download Copyright Free Images from Google Image, you have to follow the steps given below so that you can easily download the image.

01- Google Image

First you have to open Google Image on your browser.

02- Find your Keyword

Now find the topic of image you want to download  on Google Image.

03- Tools

When you find a Keyword / Topic on Google Image, you get an option of “Tools” in the results of search. Click on Tool Options, which shows on Top Header.
How To Download Copyright Free Images from Google Image

04- Labeled for Reuse with Modification

Now you have some other options (Usage rights) in which also has an option for “labeled for Reuse with Modification”, click on it. You can now download any of these images and use it on your blog.
Note: When you download the copyright free image from Google Image, then first you can modify that image so that the image can be customized according to your website, and then only upload that image to your website.

When you create a website, you use images to rank that website because on that images you can add your Focus Keywords, so that Search Engine can easily find your website and your website will be able to find First Page Shows on.
We hope that you can now easily download Copyright Free Images from Google Image and use these image to your website. If you have any further questions, then please tell me in the Comment Box. We will try to reply your answer as soon as possible.

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