Navratri Wishing Viral Pro Script Free Download and Customization

Hello Friends, In this article we have brought for you “Navratri Wishing Script 2018 pro” which you can download free from Download Button.
Navratri Wishing Viral Pro Script Free Download and Customization
Friends, as you all know that Oct. 10-18, 2018 is Navratri and everyone celebrates this festival with great enthusiasm. Along with this, everybody also send Wishes on Facebook and WhatsApp to their relatives, such as friends, relatives etc.
For which he uses Images, Quotes and Wishing Scripts. If you create a Wishing Website using Navratri Wishing Script and send it to your friends and relatives then it is necessary that the Whatsapp Share Button and Facebook By using Share Button, you will definitely send to your friends and relatives, which makes your script viral very fast and you also benefit from that script.
Now if you want to download an Advanced Navratri Wishing Script, then you are on the right website.

How to Advance Navratri Wishing Script

As everyone today needs Advanced Wishing Scripts and we hope you are also searching similar script, we will tell you that this Navratri Wishing Script pro is an all-encompassing Advanced Wishing Script and includes all of your needs. Things are inbuilt.
Now let’s talk about how you can understand that the script that you downloaded is either Advanced or else we are telling you some Basic Points-


The Advanced Wishing Scripts are the first timer, which indicates how much time is left in the event. As you can see in our script, here also Timer’s facility is available which runs at a rate of per second.

Moving Images:

In an Advanced Wishing script, you get Moving Images which is always moving, you get such images in this script.

Your Name:

In an Advanced Wishing script, you would have given a text box in which you can share your name.

Share Button:

Normally we all want that the shared script by us be Viral for which the share button in Script is very important. Now because most people use WhatsApp and Facebook more, you get this both Share Button in this script.
Promotion for Forwarding Message: An Advanced Script is very important to be Viral, it is also necessary to have a promotion message in your script, which has been told that this message should be in everyone’s mobile before this event arrives. , So that people immediately share that script with their friends.

Download Navratri Wishing Script

To download Navratri Wishing Script in Free, you can click on the Download Button below, which opens a page of Google Drive in the new window, Now in the page of Google Drive, if you see the Right Hand side then you can download one The symbol is also available. You can download this Navratri Wishing Script on Free by clicking on the symbol of that download.
Download Script
How To Customize Navratri Wishing Script Pro

To customize this Wishing script, you have to do Three Changes-

01. Website URL
First you have to enter the URL of your website in this script, so before customizing this script, you can create a website on WordPress.
02. Google Analytics Code
We can already tell you that the Google Analytics Code is used only to check traffic and just status, so it is optional, if you want you add your Google Analytics code and do not want it, there will be no change in your script.
How to put Google Analytics code
First of all, you can create your new account on Google Analytics, which requires you to have your new Blogger Blog URL, so you can easily create Analytic Account for your blog. After this, you have been given a 6 digit code from Google Analytics and some of the right script code below it.
Here, keep in mind that only copy the script code and paste it into this Navratri Wishing script.
If you do not want to apply Google Analytic Code
If you do not want to apply the Google Analytics Code, in this case, you can remove the Google Analytics option given in this script so that it does not show on your script, you can delete <- Google Analytics —> Remove from <to>.
03. AdSense Ad Code
In this script, you have to insert 3 AdSense Codes, in which two ads have to be set to 300 * 60 and one Link Ads.

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