Top 6 Powerful SEO Tips For Rank Blog Website To Google Search

Hello Friends, These SEO Tips are for beginners who are new to the blogging world. Those who are truly new bloggers do not know how to get their blog  popular and how to reach more visitors. When readers do not come to their blog , they become tensed that why are visitors not coming to their blog and they leave blogging or start blogging as boring.
Blogging is such a career that you can do by staying free. So don’t worry  all will be success and will earn money from blog. Bloggers like me exist to help you. So friends, I will tell you about such top 6 powerful SEO tips in this post, with the help of which you can rank blog content on Google’s first page.
Top 6 Powerful SEO Tips For Rank Blog Website To Google Search

Top 6 Powerful SEO tips

# 1. Focus on content

Focus on content matters a lot for the blog. You should focus your post content on what you want to tell readers. Whenever you write a content, write it unique and attractive so that a reader can read your content and become your fan and share your content to their friends. You can in any way make your post content quality.
One more thing to say is that your content should be clean and long. Meaning that the length of the content should be about 500+, if you want to rank on Google’s first page, because Google always likes clean and quality content. Features of quality content;
  • Be Unique and Original
  • Content should be with proper Headings and Bullets list
  • Grammar and spelling mistakes should not be
  • Content should be long
  • Be useful and informative.

#2. Optimize your title

This blog is very important for seo. You can optimize your blog’s title, tag and meta description. You can use keywords in the title of your post as well as keywords in meta descriptions.

 # 3 Google Search Console

If you want to show your blog in Google’s search result, then you have to submit your blog in the google search console. It is very important to do this because Google will know that you also have a blog or site.

 # 4. Use Google Trends

If you want to fast your blog, use google trends. In Google trends, you will know what people are searching for more. Here you can select from your category the topic on which your blog is. Google trends will help you very much to get your blog ranked first on google in the first page.

# 5. Create Backlinks

Yes, it comes back to the backlinks, so you also create backlinks. You can comment on popular blogs to create backlinks as well as guest posting. This will give you high-quality backlinks. The quality backlinks of your blog are as high as your blog ranked in google and readers will also come.

# 6. Social Sharing

You can share your post on more social sites. These social sites include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn etc.

So Friends I hope that you liked our top 6 SEO tips. If you have any thoughts in your mind, then you can ask it by commenting.

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