Upgrade Hosted Adsense To Non-Hosted Account

Upgrade Hosted AdSense To Non-Hosted
Upgrade Hosted AdSense To Non-Hosted Account

Google AdSense provides us two types of AdSense Account called Hosted Account and Non Hosted AdSense Account. When you approve YouTube through AdSense Account, you get a Hosted Account, which has Ads Show on your YouTube Video, but if you add Ads from that Hosted Account to your Blog / Website then do not show Ads there.
Because to show ads on the Blog / Website, you should have a Non Hosted Account, which you can also call Fully Approved AdSense Account. In this condition, if you want to show ads on YouTube then you should have a Hosted Account and if you want to show Ads on the website then you should have a Non Hosted Account. Problem here is that If you want to use both of these, then you will need two accounts.
But if you have two AdSense accounts and AdSense knows about it, then AdSense disable your account and all your efforts are wasted.
We require that we create an AdSense account in which we can place AdSense Ads on both Website and YouTube. By doing this you only use an AdSense account and do not break any kind of Community Guidelines, which keeps your AdSense Account Safe.

What is Hosted AdSense Account

When you approve AdSense Account through the YouTube Channel , you get the Hosted AdSense Account because you are uploading your content to Google.
YouTube is Google’s Property and AdSense Account you get through this also gives you the Hosted AdSense Account. Through the Hosted AdSense Account, you have Ads Show on YouTube Videos, so you can earn Money Online from your YouTube Channel.

Non-Hosted AdSense Account

You get a Non-Hosted (Fully Approved) AdSense Account when you approve AdSense Account Through Website because you use Custom Domain and Custom Hosting for your website, so all your content is hosted on your purchased Hosts. Because Google does not have anything to do with your content, you are the owner of your content, so you get a Non-Hosted AdSense Account and you can place AdSense Ads on your website.

Upgrade Hosted AdSense To Non-Hosted Account

You can not add ads of Hosted AdSense Account to your website  if you do so, Ads will not show on your website, so if you want to show ads on both the website and the YouTube channel, then You have to convert your Hosted AdSense Account into Non-Hosted AdSense.
For which you have to approve your website with AdSense Account and when AdSense approves your website, you can also place AdSense Ads on your website.
Note: Now if you want to add multiple websites on your AdSense account, you do not need to approve the AdSense account again.
To convert Hosted AdSense Account into a Non-Hosted (Fully Approved) Account, you have to follow the steps given below.

Step #1- Login into your AdSense Account

First of all, you login to your Hosted AdSense Account.

Step #2- Click on My ads Option

Now click on the My ads option which is given in Left Sidebar. Now under the My ads option you will find other option “Other product” in the Left Sidebar. click on this option. A new Page will be open.

Step #3- Add your Website URL

In this page, you will see an option of “I Will Show Ads on” which will be displayed in front of a Blank Box. Enter your website URL in that Blank Box.
Note: Do not use “http” or https with your URL, you just have to enter the URL of your website like www.example.com.

After enter the URL of the website, click on the  “Submit” option. So your website is submitted for AdSense Review.

Step #4- Place Ad code on your Website Header

Now AdSense provides you a code which you have to add to your website head. From which AdSense Approves or Disapprove Your Site by Reviewing.
Your account will be approved, then AdSense will notify you via email, as well as you will login to AdSense Account, then Hosted Account will not show up written.
Now you can place your Ads Unit on your website and AdSense Ads will show on your website.

Both Blogging and YouTube are the Best Medium for Earning Online and Google AdSense is the best source, therefore you can create both Blog and YouTube Channel for Earning Online or to Increase Your Online Earning, so that your Online Earning will be more fast.
Now if you have any other questions related to Blogging, YouTube or AdSense, then please tell me in the Comment Box.

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