Ping List for Fast Indexing of WordPress Posts

Ping List for Fast Indexing of WordPress Posts

How to fast index new blog post from WordPress ping list. WordPress ping List is very important features which help us in fast indexing the WordPress blog websites  in search engines. Whenever we publish new posts or update old posts, the WordPress ping service sends the information to all connected ping services and helps us to fast index the webpages. If you want to know that what is WordPress ping service, how to add WordPress ping list to WordPress blog, to understand this, keep read this post to the end.
Ping List for Fast Indexing of WordPress Posts

Ping List For Fast Indexing of WordPress Posts

WordPress ping service is a type of notification service. When we update our webpage or create a new webpage, then the wordpress ping service offers search engines to index webpages. In simple words, wordpress ping service inform search engine for indexing website, blog, web pages. From which search engines know that a new website has been created on the Internet, or has been updated.

Through WordPress Ping List You can notify the following services
  • Search engines
  • Website directories
  • News websites
  • Feed websites
  • Aggregators

Best WordPress Ping List


How to Add Ping List to WordPress

If you don’t know how to add the WordPress ping list service, follow the steps mentioned below.
Step 1
First of all Login to your wordpress dashboard
Step 2
After login to WordPress, there will be an option of “setting” in the left side. Click on it and then click on the options of “writing”.
Ping List for Fast Indexing of WordPress Posts
Step 3
Copy the ping list given above and paste in the updates services box in the Writing option and  and click on the save button to add a ping list.

Now you have added wordpress ping list to wordpress blog. Whenever you update new posts or old posts, then search engine crawler will get its notification. Which will quickly crawl your blog posts and show in the search result or index web pages fast. But this does not mean that your posts indexed in few minutes and will start showing in the search result. It takes a little time However, the ping service on the website will be faster index than seen after adding.

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