How To Set up Static Homepage For WordPress Blog

How To Set up Static Homepage For WordPress Blog
How To Set up Static Homepage For WordPress Blog

Whenever we start a new WordPress blog, our homepage by default  shows newly written posts.
And many people feel good about their recent posts, keep coming to the homepage. But some people want that their homepage is just showing .
For this, we again use the custom homepage that is the static homepage. Many  blogs also use static homepage. People who want their blog to remain separate from their homepage, making custom homepage is very good. Today in this article, I will teach you that how to set up static homepage for your blog.

What is Static HomePage?

In our simple WordPress Blog, there are recent posts show in the homepage. We call this homepage as a dynamic homepage.
That’s when we set up a custom page as Homepage. So it’s called static homepage.

You can do a lot of modifications in the Static homepage, such as showing selected posts only. You will see many examples in your blogging carrier. Such as news papers, Magzines blogs. The dynamic homepage is also good, but if you want to create a professional design then setting up custom homepage is very good.
WordPress gives us many themes free, but the maximum themes are the same as the dynamic homepage. If you also want to set up a custom homepage for your blog, please follow the instructions given below.

How to Set up Static Homepage?

  • First, go to Pages in a WordPress Dashboard and create a page from any title, for example “home”.
  • After that create another page and keep its name for example “blog”.
  • After publishing the page, go to setting> Reading. Setting them according to the image given below.
After that, select “Static Page” inside your homepage displays. In it you have two options Homepage and Posts page. You choose it according to your preference.
How To Set up Static Homepage For WordPress
  • Homepage: Select the page that you named “homepage”
  • Posts page: Select the page that you named “blog”
In this way you can set a Static Homepage for your WordPress blog. After just doing such a small setting, whatever your homepage is, will change from dynamic to static.

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