10 Best Wordpress plugins For Blog 2021

Hello Friends, In today’s article, we will learn about the Important WordPress Plugins that you can use to make your blogging even more useful and easy.
Plugins are a feature provided by WordPress that you can easily do any thing on your blog. Today there are so many plugins on WordPress that for almost any work you get 10-15 Plugins.
Because most people prefer WordPress than Blogger, they prefer to blogging on WordPress because it is a bit advanced, as well as SEO’s Point of View WordPress is better option.
Now if you are a new blogger then you will know that you can benefit from adding the features to your blog. That’s why we are telling you about 10 Important WordPress Plugins that you can use to save your blog and also make your blogging even better.
Best Wordpress plugins For Blog
10 Best Wordpress plugins For Blog 2021

10 Best WordPress plugins For Blog

01- Contact Form 7 
Creating Contact Us Page is important for any blog. Because with the help of Contact Us Page, people can easily contact you directly. Therefore, it is also very important to have Contact Us Page on WordPress Blog, you can easily create your Contact Form with the help of Contact Form 7 and you can also get the necessary information according to your Requirement from your Sender.

02- Google Analytics 
It is important to check traffic on the website but it is more important to know which section of your website is having the maximum traffic increase, because then you can make your blog more popular by creating multiple articles on that topic.
When you create a blog, you publish articles on different Topics on that blog, but there are more traffic on some of those articles. This shows that people like to read your content on your blog and you can take advantage of that.
That’s why Google Analytics Tools helps you with which you can easily add your WordPress Blog with a Google Analytics Account and analyze the traffic coming to your blog.

03- One Signal Push Notification
This plugin help you a lot of in increasing traffic on your website because One Signal Push Notification Plugin shows in your blog like a popup and users can  allow that notification. So whenever you publish an article on your blog, your Readers get Notification on the browser and click on that Notification on your blog which makes lots of traffic increase on your Latest Articles.

04- Wordfence Security
This plugin helps you secure your website because many people sometimes try to hack your website for some reason or if there is a malware attack on your website, then this plugin in that condition secures your website. So you can avoid things like this by adding Wordfence Security Plugin to your blog.
Along with this, the Wordfence Security Plugin also provides some other features like downloading a website’s backup etc.

05 – WP Super Cache 
This plugin helps you to keep your website’s loading speed so that your website can open faster on the internet and you can get good traffic. In addition, by adding the WP SuperCache plugin, it also compresses your image, so that the size of your images is Reduce and your website loads faster.

06 – Yoast SEO 
This Plugin help you a lot of  in making On Page SEO on the website. Through this Plugin, you can easily Analyze the Density of any Keyword on your blog, if by mistake Keyword Density is too much on your article then this does not crawl your article on Search Engine.
Along with this it helps you to complete On Page SEO on your article and also helps you to increase Readability. So that your readers easily read and understand your article.

07-WP Edit
All  say that WordPress is  better  blogging Platform than Blogger because here you find everything you need easily. WP Edit provides almost all of the things you may need when writing articles. For example: Different Fonts, Symbols, Emoji, Table etc.
All this stuff gets you to install this plugin on your WordPress Blog so that you can make your article even more attractive.

Akismet Plugin lets you get it with installing WordPress and this plugin checks incoming comments on your blog so you can avoid spam commenting. A lot of people on the internet want to create Backlinks for their blog, for which they also try to create Comments of Backlinks on your blog.
Now there are some people who create Backlinks by making an invalid comment on Spam Comment via Your Blog. So you should not un-install this plugin completely and keep updating this plugin from time to time, so that your Blog will avoid Spam Commenting.

09- Jetpack
Jetpack Plugin is used to check Traffic Details on your blog so that you can extract Traffic Details of your website, and by using this plugin, you can also share articles of your blog on Social Media Account directly.
When you share an article on social media from your website, the backlink that you get is of a higher quality and is more valuable.

10 – WP Smush
WP Smush Plugin compresses the uploading image to WordPress Blog without reducing the quality of that image. When we compress the image with the help of a tool, the size of our image is Reduce and the quality of the image is any It does not matter but when we do this with all our articles, we have to spend a little more time on our image.
In such a situation, you can save your time just by installing WP Smush Plugin on your WordPress Blog and keep your Blog’s Loading Speed ​​maintain by compressing the images that are uploaded to your blog.

All the plugins we have told you in this article are used for any one purpose and we have suggested Plugins according to our Knowledge but if you get any better Plugin for the same work, then you can also use them.

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