10 Important Blogging Tips For Beginners

If you are thinking of building a blog and you just started your new blog, then you should read this post carefully because in this post I am sharing some important tips about how new bloggers do blogging, which every blogger should know before creating a new blog. What you need to do while creating a blog and after creating blog, you can understand this very well and you can easily create your own blog. 10 Important Blogging Tips For Beginners.
Blogging is not easy for new bloggers. Every blogger in the beginning does not have complete blog information. So he makes many mistakes on his blog and can not use blog for more days I mean if you want to earn money from your blog, some blogging tips for new bloggers , I am telling you in some points that what are the essentials of blogs that blogger need to know before creating a blog .

10 Important Blogging Tips For Beginners

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10 Important Tips For New Bloggers

1:- Choose Right Platform

New bloggers have a lot of problem in choosing a blogging platform. Blogger and WordPress these two platforms are very famous and excellent. But you choose which one is right for you. Because if you start on the right platform, then you will not take much time to make your blog successful. So Which is right for you to start blogging on that platform.

2:- Choose topic of Your Choice

While selecting blogging topics for new bloggers, many bloggers make these mistakes and without thinking starts a blog on one Topic which is not good for anyone at all, because for anyone. If you want to make a career in blogs and you have to earn money from blogs. I mean if you start blogging on some topic which you do not know much about so it will always be a problem to you and you will not be able to blogging more days.

3:- Use Custom Domain

When you create a blog on the blogger then blogspot.com remains behind your blog name, because of that, your blog URL name has many words. If you keep your blog name Yoursite then your blog will be on www.yoursite.blogspot.com. You can remove it and add a custom domain to your blog. Custom domain means you must buy a domain name which you get in 200-600 rupees. Many New bloggers  think that the price of custom domain is very high. So they do not use custom domain on their blog. That’s not exactly right for your site, by adding custom domain you have many advantages.

4:- Create Page on Social Sites

If you want to start blogging or have started your recent blogging then you need to make your blog and website on the social site. Because social site is a great place to promote any online business. Where any time you will find millions of people online.

5:- Create Important Pages on Blog

Some pages on your blog such as about you and your blog. What information do you share on your blog? What information do you take from visitors? All you have to do is tell it on your blog. This will help your visitors and google to know about your site and it is very important to inform visitors and Google about your blog and website.

6:- Submit Sitemap to Search Console

Sitemap is a very important thing for blogs. Many new bloggers do not know about this and they do not submit sitemap to search console by creating a sitemap for their blog. Because of that, their post never comes on search. Because the Search engine takes the help of Sitemap to search and index the post. So you should create a sitemap for your blog and add sitemap to the search console.

7:- Write Useful and Quality Content

As I mentioned above, you have to write in blogging. So if you do not write good and useful posts, visitors will not come to your blog. So you always try to write good, useful and quality post on your blog.

8:- Learn SEO

SEO is the most important thing in blogging and new blogger does not pay much attention to SEO because of which they have a lot of problem to bring their site to get a good rank on google. So if you learn about SEO well and you will follow SEO (Search Engine Optimization) well then you will be able to keep your blog in good standing in very short time and also your blog will be famous very soon.

9:-Do not Copy Other

This is a very important thing in blogging that do not copy other bloggers. If you copy from another blog to your blog, or copy a post from someone else’s blog, you can never get success from your blog. Because if you copy another blogger then the search engine will never like your post and your post will never get rank on the search engine.

10:-Guest Post on another blog

You must know how important visitors for blogs. So, please post guest guest on another blog to increase visitors and also add url of your blog on your post. By doing so, your blog will get backlinks and your blog’s rank will also increase with visitors.
Finally friends Also there is one more thing that is very important for you and that is  keep patience. It may take a little time to get success in blogging. So you do not have to rush ahead and the tips I gave above just follow them. You will be successful in blogging.

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