Top 10 Best Free SEO Tools To Get #1 Rank in Google 2020

Top 10 Best Free SEO Tools To Get #1 Rank in Google 2020

When we create new blogs, the biggest challenge is the traffic. We more concentrate on SEO than writing a post , By the way, blog without SEO is nothing if you want to be a professional blogger then must be strong hold on SEO  Only then you will be able to rank your site well or even generate organic traffic, though it takes a little time to rank a blog.
But if you do hard work then your post will get the top most in google search. There are a few tips and tools for SEO, which can help us to rank our blog too, there are many tools that use the blog to check speed, check whether SEO is doing well or not. There are many tools that will talk about in today’s post. Top 10 Free & Premium SEO Tools which should be used by every blogger.
Top 10 Best Free SEO Tools To Get #1 Rank in Google 2020

Top 10 Best Free SEO Tools To Get #1 Rank in Google 2020

1: – Keyword Planner:

Keywords Planner tool is Google’s keyword planner tool, with the help of this tool we plan a keyword for our blog means best keywords, these tools are also known as the AdWords Keyword Planner tool. The biggest benefit of this tool is that it gives the best keyword suggestions in free, which is very helpful in ranking your blog, almost all the blogger uses this tool ‘Google Keyword Planner’. This is also easy and user friendly to use.

2: – Sitemap:

This tool does a great job for your blog, it informs google and other search engine about your blog and every post, which is beneficial for any blog, it is to enable, you have to generate a code and paste it into the sitemap block of your blog setting so that it starts analysis of your blog  and inform the search engines.

3: – Meta Tag Analyzer:

Meta tag provides information about your blog to search engine, using meta tags analyzer, you can learn about your blog’s meta tags, finally it can tell the full status of your blog.

4: – Google Trends:

Google Trends is a service from google where you can check out the trending topic and most popular topic, with the help of this tool, you can get information about daily, weekly, monthly or yearly trending topics.

5: – Google Analytic:

Google analytics is also a very good tool of google from where you can find views, visitors, organic page views, daily, weekly, monthly wise from your blog or website, it tells you that your Which post has the most views , you can also check views country wise, you can also export complete data.

6: – Robot.txt:

Robot.txt is a file that we put in our website, it follows the search engine, the main job of this tool is to tell the search engine about our post, it decide  that which of your posts showed in search and which post not to show.

7: – Backlink Checker:

Backlink is very important for SEO. If you add more backlinks, your post will be quickly and upstream in search, by creating backlink , we link our post or any other blog to our post. The backlink checker tells you about all the links, means the backlink of our post can be know that is how much backlink has been done in the post.

8: Getmetrix:

With the help of this tool, you can check the speed of your blog, see the ranking. Keep in mind that the loading time of your blog should be less than 4 seconds, you can always check from here.

9: Lighthouse:

This is a open-source Chrome Extension , automated tool for improving the performance, quality, and correctness of our websites. When auditing a page, this runs a barrage of tests against the page, and then generates a report on how well the page did. From here we can use the failing tests as indicators on what you can do to improve your website.

10: Link Analyzer:

Through this tool you can get information about every single link on your blog, this is the best tool to link analysis.

Note: All these SEO tools are free for use. There is no need to pay any money for it and all these tools are best for SEO. If you are a blogger then you can use all these tools, even then you have some doubt You can comment below.

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