10 Best Website Design Tips For The Beginners

10 Best Website Design Tips For The Beginners. After creating blog it is very important to designing a blog . Because if the blog is not good then nobody will like your blog and any visitor will not visit your blog twice. So Making a blog like a professional blogger is very important. That’s why new bloggers have a problem in designing their blog. But Friends, if you are reading this post then you will know how to design your website.

Best Website Design Tips For The Beginners
10 Best Website Design Tips For The Beginners

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10 Best Website Design Tips For The Beginners

In this post, I will tell you some tips to design the blogs that you can easily use without any coding skills to design your blog. 10 Best Website Design Tips For The Beginners. If you read this post properly and design your website, it will look good and the user will like it.

1:- Blog Template

The template is a very impotent thing to design a blog. If Your Template Is not good Then you will not be able to design your blog well. So, after creating a blog, you first need a great template which is simple, unique, fast loading and SEO friendly. You can download a new template from www.templateify.com and upload it to your blog. This will make your blog look great and the visitors of your blog will also grow.

2:- Add Email Subscribe Widget

Your blog will look exactly like the website from the Email subscribe widget and your visitors will also be able to subscribe to your blog site. Anytime you update something on your blog, your subscriber receives a mail. By which they will visit your blog to read your post and returning visitors to your blog will also increase. So you can add an Email subscribe widget to your blog. You can add free email subscribe widget through feedburner to blog.

3:- Add Simple Colour

While designing a blog, many new bloggers add 4-5 colour to their blog for the well-designed their blog, which is not quite right for your blog site. This is a problem for visitors of your blog. So do not make your blog over colorful and keep the blog’s color simple.

4:- Create A Logo

You must have seen the logo of many big companies. Same type of logo you also create for your blog. There are many websites on Internet where you can create a free logo for your blog. Logo gives your blog a different identity and it will also be very easy for the visitors to remember your site name. So you also make a great logo and add it to your blog and website.

5:- Use Images In Article

Image is a very important item for Post. It is easy to understand a blog post from image. So you always add images to your blog post. But always use the photo related to the blog post and do not add extra images.

6:- Add Proper Menu Bar

Menu bar is very important for any blog or website. Which lets your blog readers know what information or what topic of information you share on your blog. Navigation menu is the essential point for your website that will help your visitors to move around to different pages effortlessly. You must add the Menu Bar to the blog.

7:- Add Header

When someone opens your blog and website then visitors first see the blog’s header. So make a great header on your blog and keep the blog header as simple and clean.

8:- Add Social Sharing Button

To design a blog, social follow and sharing button is very important for the blog site. Because if a visitor wants to share your post after reading it, then he can use the social sharing button and if someone wants to follow you on a social site from your blog, he can easily follow. Your website from social sharing buttons will look like a very professional and perfect website. So add social sharing buttons to your blog website.

9:- Add About Author Widget

About Author widget is very important for blog So you definitely add this widget to your blog. This shows visitors that who has been created blog and why blog has created.

10:- Add Recent Post Widget In Sidebar

Must add recent post widget to the sidebar of the blog. This will also make it easier for visitors of your blog to read your recent post and your blog will also look beautiful and professional. As well as the recent post on the side bar, visitors engagement on your site will also increase and your blog’s bounce rate will be reduced. If the blog’s bounce rates will be lower, then your AdSense CPC will increase.

Finally Friends These were some easy tips for designing blogs. By using these tips, you will be able to design your blog in the same way as a website. But even if you have any problem in designing your blog then you can comment on the Reply box below.

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