How to Increase Blog/ Website Traffic 2020

In Today’s post you will know “How to Increase Blog/ Website Traffic 2020″. 10 ways to increase traffic on the website If you are not getting traffic increase on website / blog from Google search Engine, then you have given 10 important tips in this post. Learn how to initialize traffic on a website. When we create a new website, we do not know much about it.
Increase Blog/ Website Traffic
How to Increase Blog/ Website Traffic 2020

How to Increase Blog/ Website Traffic 2020

 Do not submit website to the Google Search Console or do not use the meta tag for the website. They do not follow these rules, due to which the Organic Visitors do not come to their website. Find out 10 important SEO tips 2020 to increase traffic on the website. How to Increase Traffic on blog/website. How to Get the Site to Google’s First Page 10 Advanced SEO Techniques 2020.

  1.  Choose an SEO Friendly Domain Name

To create a website, first you have to take the best web hosting and domain name. The domain name should be best and unique. How to choose the best domain name for the website blog. The name of the domain should be based on your topic i.e. keyword on which to be worked on.
Before the domain name purchase, Check the Domain Authorities(DA) & Page Authorities(PA) from whose DA & PA IS high, it is good for the purchased for Google Ranking Factors. Buy the Domain Extension .com .in .info .net according to your requirement.

2. Use Responsive WordPress Themes

While designing the website, many users upload any themes/templates to the website, Some of the WordPress themes are not
responsive mobile friendly SEO Optimized, but we will do it as it is free. The visitor that opens the website and goes back when website takes time to load. So, you have to select the best theme for the WordPress. Analyze your website from Pagespeed Insights Google and get Your Website Pagespeed and web performance because it is very important factor for running a blog website.

3. Target Long-Tail Keywords

Ranking on the short-tail keywords for the new website is very difficult. While writing a post, a lot of users use short keyword titles, you have to work on the longtail keyword such as how to increase traffic on a blog website, blog post Ideas can get out of Google.

4. Use Custom Permalink

The biggest problem for any blogger, when they write posts custom permalink are not taken care of, it is very important to have a custom permalink for the better ranking, title and permalink should be same for SEO optimization and the best way to rank a blog post. Keep the custom URL Search Engine Optimization Friendly.

5. Guest Posting

Guest Post option is best Method to increase Website Traffic. In which category your blog website related ask the admin of that blog and get permission to write a good quality content guest post on that blog, in this way you will get a dofollow backlink and the visitor of that website will be redirected to your website.

6. Websites Advertising

Advertising is the basic option for websites. What exactly should be done if the new website start up and the visitor is not coming to the website. Advertise your website through the Google adword for this, This is a pad promotion, you have to pay money. Website traffic will be boost if advertise through social media YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.

7.  Share Your Content on Social Media

After publishing a blog post, share the articles to Social Media like Facebook, Telegram YouTube platforms.

8. Using Alt Tags for Image Optimization

While Writing a blog post we does not optimize image thereby website traffic decreased. Any image Which is downloaded from Google, and by default, its name is something else which is not okay for the SEO. That’s why image SEO Alt tags and titles tag optimization is very important to accelerate extra organic traffic.

9. Add Meta Descriptions

Add Keywords and meta descriptions. New users make the biggest mistake here on blogging. Do not care what kind of keyword density, Keyword Selection & Research while Writing Articles and many users ignore it, writing keyword meta descriptors to rank a blog post would be very important.

10. Social Bookmarking Site

Top social bookmarking sites list 2020, What is social bookmarking, what is the importance of social bookmarking, the website gets high quality dofollow backlinks when doing social bookmarking and the website quickly ranks in Google. Submission of your site URL to Social Networking website gives extra traffic, social networking leads to increase Domain Authorization (DA) and Page Authorization (Pa).
10 Social Bookmarking SitePRDAAlexa

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